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Senior Planning Advice and Technical Review – SIMTA Moorebank Logistics Park
Senior planning advisory and technical review role for the Moorebank Logistics Park precinct.
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Substation Augmentation Project – Tomago 330kV AEMAR
Environmental Representative for the Tomago 330kV Substation augmentation project.
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PCB Management and Licensing
Management and coordination of TransGrid’s obligations under the Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals Act 1985 and the PCB Chemical Control Order.
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Advanced Water Treatment Plant – Luggage Point
Alliance to construct the Luggage Point Advanced Water Treatment Plant (up to 70 ML/day of treated recycled water). Secondary treated effluent, previously discharged to the Brisbane River is now transferred for further treatment. Advanced treatment and purification is achieved via chemical dosing, microfiltration, RO and UV disinfection.
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Safety Leadership Training – Government
Training staff in risk awareness was the ultimate objective of this training package that was tailored to meet client expectations.
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Safety Leadership Training
Hundreds of existing and future leaders were exposed to safety, health and environmental training in leadership, demonstrating safety as a value, and the introduction of People-based safety ©
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