Prepare a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for management of Jemena Gas Network assets – including rehabilitation, removal and replacement projects. Often these assets are located in environmentally sensitive areas and so require the consideration of legislation and policy outside of the Infrastructure SEPP, such as the Coastal Management SEPP and the Heritage Act 1977.

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 Key Aspects

  • Classification of the Project under the Infrastructure SEPP and confirm the applicable relationship between the Infrastructure SEPP and other relevant SEPPs.
  • Identify and outline the planning pathway alternatives and the procedure requirements for each to allow the client to make strategic and informed decisions in relation to environmental approvals.
  • Consultation with relevant stakeholders (local Council or otherwise).
  • Review of relevant specialist studies and impact assessments.
  • Desktop analysis of publicly available environmental data.
  • Site investigations.
  • Review of proposed works design and construction methodology and an early assessment of likely constraints and opportunities to improve the assessment and approval process.
  • Preparation of an REF document, documenting permissibility and application of relevant environmental legislation, environmental impact assessment, identification of mitigation measures, rehabilitation and ongoing maintenance requirements.
  • Identification and procurement of additional licenses/permits required prior to commencement of construction.


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