Richard provided the senior technical environmental review of the Pollution Control Study (EIS equivalent) submitted to the Singapore Government for the development of the first commercial underground rock caverns facility for storage of liquid hydrocarbons in Southeast Asia.

The Jurong Rock Caverns (JRC) is located at a depth of 150m below the ground, and 130m beneath Banyan Basin on Jurong Island.

The caverns can store 1.47 million m3 of liquid hydrocarbons such as crude oil and condensate, naphtha and gas oil. The infrastructure supports companies such as Chevron Philips, ExxonMobil and Shell. The five rock caverns and 8km of tunnels, which cost a total of $1.7 billion, represent the first phase of the project.

Key Aspects

Review of pollution control study for hydrocarbon storage caverns on Jurong Island on behalf of Singapore Government Agency.

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