Preparation of Planning Pathways advice, prepare a Review of Environmental Factors (REF) for the Steel Gas Main Replacement Project at The Entrance Road, Erina NSW.

Email: Megan Kovelis (
Phone: 0403 963 967

Key Aspects

  • Classification of the Project under the Infrastructure SEPP and other relevant SEPPS (Coastal Management SEPP).
  • Consultation with Council.
  • Preparation of an REF document, application of relevant environmental legislation, environmental impact assessment, identification of mitigation measures, rehabilitation and ongoing maintenance requirements.
  • Identification and procurement of additional licenses/permits required prior to commencement of construction.
  • Procurement and management of subconsultants for supportive specialist reporting.
  • Project was located adjacent to coastal wetlands and within the road reserve of the Central Coast Highway. It therefore required consideration of impacts on the coastal environment, key fish habitat, vegetation, traffic and safety.
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