• HSE Audit tools were developed to audit 10 HSE standards.
  • Twelve pilot sites were tested in the initial phase of the project and learnings were used to make the necessary amendments.
  • An audit protocol and audit plan was developed and communicated with the client.
  • Ultimately over 200 sites were audited in Australia and New Zealand over three years.
  • Findings were documented in the audit report and each finding was risk-rated and prioritised.
  • The client provided very positive feedback on the coaching style of audit and the fact that findings were explained with auditees so that reports contained no surprises.
  • The audit tool, audit plan and audit report was transferred onto a digital platform a year later.
  • Reports containing HSE Assurance Program progress, trends and analysis were provided to the board of directors each quarter.

We have the track record to plan and implement a large-scale HSE audit program, with trend analysis, presentation and advice on strategic direction to executives.


Key Aspects

  • Conducted over 200 HSE audits in three-year program
  • Categorised findings by risk and priority rating
  • Used data to identify trends and benchmarking
  • Data was used for setting HSE strategy
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