Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is the art of foreseeing hindsight.
Risk management is the science of mitigation.

Identify, assess and control the risk of harm

A risk profile enables you to identify the critical risks to your business and focus resources in areas where they are needed most. Building a good risk register, helps build a good management system.

The Aspect team works with clients to identify the hazards of their business or projects, assess the initial risk and brainstorm solutions to eliminate or mitigate risks. Risks are re-assessed to determine their residual risk. We produce a risk assessment document with a residual risk action plan, which makes it easier for organisations to assign responsibilities.


  • Safety and environmental experts help you identify hazards and assess risks
  • With multi-sector experience our experts will cross-pollinate solutions and controls
  • Senior management participation enhances outcomes and raises risk awareness
  • Demystify risk management
  • Have access to great risk management tools
  • Contribute to your risk strategy


Remediation Project – Hunter River
Project director and approvals coordinator for the initial stages of the remediation project being undertaken on the Southern Arm of the Hunter River in the Port of Newcastle.
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Airport Planning Analysis – Archerfield
Preparation of a planning approvals process review for potential development on lands adjacent to Archerfield Airport in Queensland.
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Sewer Rehabilitation Program and Watermains Renewal Project
The Sewer Rehabilitation Program repaired and rehabilitated sewer pipes. The Watermain Renewals Project improved the water supply system by fixing and renewing water assets such as old or damaged water pipes, valves, hydrants and private water service pipes.
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Mine Closure Plan – Comet Vale
Preparation of a mine closure plan for a Hillgrove Resources site in northern NSW. The document detailed the site background, closure and lease relinquishment procedures, management strategies to enhance site stability and reduce generation of acid mine drainage. The closure plan adopted a risk based approach to complement the assessment and verification of achieved closure criteria and recommended a monitoring program to enable performance to be progressively assessed.
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Project Risk Assessment – Outer Suburban Arterial Roads (OSAR)
A pre-project risk management workshop was conducted identifying high level issues, hazards and impacts to the project prior to commencement. Residual risk action plans were generated.
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EIA – Burwood Beach Wastewater Treatment Works
Staged upgrade of a wastewater treatment facility located south of Newcastle with a discharge outfall into the ocean. Project Director for the EIA component.
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